A wine tag can save you money on your bottle of wine. 

This new tag offers a new way to save on wine.

You can pay less than the tag price with this discount, and the wine tag will be shipped with your wine.

This discount is good only for those who want to save money on wine, but this is good for all wine lovers, not just wine drinkers.

This is the best deal for those looking to buy a wine tag, and this new wine tag is the perfect way to do it. 

There are no hidden fees, so there’s no need to worry about your credit card balances. 

The $2 discount is great for those of you who don’t drink much wine, or just don’t care about paying full price for a bottle of fine wine.

The $1 wine tag has an exclusive tag price of $2,99, which will be available to you after the end of October. 

With this discount tag, you can get the wine you want for less than what you would pay on a bottle, or save money.

The wine tag works on all wines, but the tag is best for people who like to buy premium wines, like Pinot Noir or Pinot Gris.

The tag price is $2 for wine, $1 for sparkling wine, and $0.50 for sparkling water. 

You can also save money with this wine tag. 

Use this discount to get the $2 bottle of sparkling wine for less. 

If you’re looking for a $1 tag to save, this is the one. 

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