A woman has described how she was “shocked” to be denied a free cigarette when she was asked to leave a New Zealand cafe by a woman who was “very rude” and told her to “get over it”.

The woman, who is known only as “Jane”, said she had been invited to the Wellington cafe by “a woman with a very good voice” to buy cigarettes.

The women started to talk, she said, when the woman turned to the woman who stood in front of her and said: “You’re not allowed to smoke.

You’re going up to the bar, right?

I’ll just tell you what you have to do, you’re going down.”

The woman was shocked and asked what the rules were, she told the New Zealand Herald.

“I said, ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry’,” she said.

“[She] just said, and she just took her hand and said, you need to get down on the floor.”

She said the woman took her cigarette and told Jane that she could smoke if she wanted, and the woman then went to another bar where she was offered a free drink.

The woman said she felt humiliated, and felt the woman would “never forgive” her for her behaviour.

She felt humiliated”Jane” said she was given a cigarette but not asked to smoke by the woman, which is a “big deal”.

“You don’t get to smoke if you’re in a bar and you’re asking people for a drink.”

The New Zealand Civil Liberties Union said it was concerned about the lack of due process in this case, and would consider legal action.

The coffee shop where Jane was asked for a cigarette was in a part of town where there are no smoking bans, the newspaper reported.

Jane, who has asked to remain anonymous for the sake of her family, said she “wasn’t trying to be rude, I just wanted to have a cigarette and to do something that I was interested in doing”.

“It was rude.

It was rude to ask me for my cigarette.

It didn’t matter to me if it was a small or large one.

I was asked if I wanted a cigarette.”

She said that, after the conversation with the woman she was later offered a “small” one, but the woman did not take it.

“I was like, ‘No thank you, I was told I can’t smoke’,” she told Al Jazeera.

“Then I felt like, well, you know, what am I supposed to do now?”

She said she did not get to continue with her coffee purchase.

She was also told by the barista that she “didn’t like that coffee” when she asked for one, and “if I wanted to get a drink I could do it”.

“It just made me feel like I didn’t belong here,” she said in a video posted on the cafe’s Facebook page.

“It really hurt.”

In the New York Times article about the incident, the woman described the experience as “totally unacceptable” and said she would “do everything in my power to have that barista fired”.

“I will do everything I can to make sure that this doesn’t happen again,” she told The New York Daily News.

“If the baristas knew I wasn’t a smoker, they would know better and they would do the right thing.”

“If they did know I was a smoker then they would have asked me to get out of the bar.”

The cafe owner, who said he was unaware of the incident before the incident occurred, said the women’s behaviour was “disrespectful” and “unacceptable”.

“We will do our best to make this right, we are committed to the right of everyone to enjoy coffee and have a good time.”

“We do not condone any behaviour that disrespects anyone’s dignity, we just want to make our place safe.”