Brazil nuts, like many other nuts, are known for their ability to protect against allergies.

This is thanks to their ability, unlike many other foods, to help break down protein and fat, which is why nut allergies are common.

That means that nut allergies can cause severe and often debilitating reactions, including asthma.

Now, scientists have found that some Brazilian nuts, which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, are effective at helping people with asthma to breathe easier.

Nut master Bob Nutting is a nut allergy expert at the University of Southern California.

He said the Brazilian nuts’ ability to break down proteins and fats makes them a great candidate for asthma treatment.

“It’s a natural, natural component of the nut.

It’s not like we are replacing it,” he said.

Nut masters are trained in the use of a variety of foods to help them control allergies.

Some of their products are sold in supermarkets, and Nut master Larry Smith, who lives in Los Angeles, has made nut oil from them.

He says it has helped him manage his asthma better and, like Nut master Nutting, is a regular participant in Nut Awareness Week.

But he said it’s not enough.

“The nut oil that we use can’t replace all the other things that people do with nuts,” he explained.

Smith said the only way to get the most benefit out of nut oil is to get a doctor’s recommendation.

“This is the first time we have found something that really works,” he added.