A brand of nuts is often a big seller in India, but it can be tricky to choose the right brand for your next curry.

With a range of nuts ranging from white and black, to red, yellow and orange, you might need to take your time.

Here are some tips on choosing the right nut for your curry.


The white and red varieties The best choice is the white and orange varieties, which are the best choice for both taste and texture.

They are the most affordable and most widely available, and are the only two that can be grown in India.

White nuts are more affordable than red nuts, but they are still a bit pricier than the other varieties.

These are a good choice for those who prefer a richer flavour and don’t mind having to buy extra nuts.


The black and white varieties Black and white nuts are both excellent options.

They have a nutty flavour, but the aroma and texture are the same.

The nutty smell is more pleasant than the aroma of a red nut, and the nutty texture makes it easy to eat.


The orange and yellow varieties The most expensive nut in India is the orange variety, which costs around $5 a pound.

But the quality of the nut is usually very good, so you can find a good quality nut at reasonable prices.

The yellow variety, however, is a bit of a rarity.

The cost is often higher than the black variety.

But if you are a nut lover, you can buy the yellow variety for about $2 a pound, while the black one will set you back $2.50.


The red varieties In India, the red variety is the cheapest nut.

Its flavour is similar to a yellow nut, but with a deeper, richer flavour.

The colour of the nuts is also similar, although there are some red varieties that are not quite red like yellow, white and blue.

You can also buy a variety of red in green, but this is expensive.


The brown and white variety The brown nut is also very popular in India and its taste is very similar to that of the yellow nut.

However, its price is a little higher than that of yellow, and its quality is also a little better.

If you are in need of some nuts, you should also check out the white variety, the yellow, red, orange and brown varieties.