This is not the first time a corn crunch has been considered as an alternative to corn syrup.

In 2013, it was revealed that the popular corn crunch flavor Nacho Cheese Crunch had been invented by a woman who was inspired by the sweet, savory flavor of Nacho cheese.

That same year, the food blogger The Food Lab published an article titled, How to make corn nuts, which described how to make a crunchy corn nugget in your kitchen.

While it sounds like the same process as making the popular Nacho Crunch, this corn crunch will taste like a creamy, cheesy and slightly sweet corn nuggets.

It’s also worth noting that, in addition to making the corn nugs, there are a few different ways to make this crunchy snack: 1.

Combine corn nuts with a corn tortilla.

It makes for a great, crunchy crunchy treat that’s sure to please everyone.


Make a corn nougat sandwich.

This crunchy sandwich is made with a mixture of corn nut, cheese, lettuce and avocado.

It also makes a perfect snack for lunch or snack.


Bake up a corn fritter.

This is the crunchiest, tastiest snack you’ll ever have.


Bake a corn cracker with bacon.

The corn crackers have a slightly nutty flavor and are the perfect snack option for those who love to eat corn, especially on the weekend.


Add your favorite toppings to this crunch.

There are lots of toppings you can add to this corn nuggs, such as cheese, cheese curds, lettuce, avocado, mayo and more.