Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi announced on Saturday the creation of a new religion, Nut Egypt, that will be based on the beliefs of Egyptian Pharaohs.

The new religion will be a mixture of Egyptian beliefs, according to el-Abbas, who has called for the creation and spread of a religion based on “nut memes.”

“I am announcing this news to you today to assure you that this religion is coming and will not be created in vain,” el-Saadi said in a statement announcing the creation.

“It will be the one and only religion.”

“Nuts and nut memes,” he added, referring to Egyptian traditions that date back to the early 1400s.

“We have a culture and religion that has been practiced since the beginning of history.

It is a religion that was born and it will always be one.”

El-Sissi, who was elected president last month, has long called for a more Islamic Egypt, and has repeatedly said he wants to see a more equal country.

Egypt’s current constitution has included a provision that forbids non-Muslims from practicing their religion and that calls for the separation of state and religion.

The constitution, which was signed into law in 2015, also calls for a law to establish a national religion.

Egyptian President Abd el-Fattah El-Scaham, right, greets his wife, Asma, and their children, Mohamed, 7, and Salma, 4, during their visit to the Al-Azhar mosque in Cairo on May 26, 2017.

The country’s new religion is expected to have a different set of rules and guidelines.

El-Saadissi is the latest in a long line of Egyptian leaders to try to spread their religion through memes.

Earlier this year, Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi declared his own “Nuwazi” or “God of Nut” religion, based on memes that were posted on social media platforms and widely shared in Egypt.

In 2015, President Abdel-Fath El-Sheikh of Egypt, another Islamist, also made his own Nut Egypt religion.

And last month Egypt’s then-prime minister, Hisham Barakat, declared that he would start a new Egyptian religion called Nut Egypt and that he wanted to create a new national religion based solely on Egyptian traditions.