A couple of years ago, MTV announced that it was moving from a pay-per-view model to an ad-supported model.

It was an unprecedented shift that many fans, particularly older fans, were skeptical of.

Some critics, however, saw an opportunity for an even bigger hit, especially given the recent ratings resurgence of the popular show.

“It’s a good opportunity for the network to do a little bit of soul-searching,” says Joe Belfry, a veteran TV critic and longtime critic for The Hollywood Reporter.

“This has been a big season for the ratings, especially in the younger age group.

I think it’s a big opportunity to take a step back and really think about the business model, the financial model, how we can be more inclusive and what we can do to bring that back to the network.”

With its recent ratings success, MTV is also rethinking its approach to its pay-TV platform, according to several sources.

The network has been shifting from an ad supported model to a pay per-view platform, but has not made any announcements about its long-term plans.

While the decision to do so was controversial, Belfries said that the network did not want to be the network that is seen as the most important for advertisers.

He also believes that MTV will continue to be an important source of information for fans.

“They have an interesting relationship with fans and I think there’s still a lot of loyalty there,” Belfrie says.

“MTV has done a really good job of cultivating fans, getting them into their networks and making sure they’re going to be on those networks.”

While many fans have been disappointed with the recent drop in ratings, Belffries thinks that the audience has returned.

“It was really surprising, but there’s some good stuff there,” he says.

“I think it was the best season in a long time for the series.

I don’t think there was anything else I could say about it that wouldn’t have been true, but it was pretty good.

I do think it will be a big year for MTV.

It’ll be the season when things finally come together again.

It will be the year when everything comes together.”