A $50 package of wire nuts can save you $100 over the course of a year, according to a new study.

The study, which analyzed more than 1,000 wire nuts sold by Walmart, Costco and Target, found that the bulk nuts were a solid choice for those who like to save money, while the non-bulk varieties were a bit pricier. 

The researchers said the savings were due to “lower-priced” non-Bulk varieties. 

Included in the study was a bag of wire that would normally cost $5.99, or $4.99 for a bag, the researchers said. 

“In the case of the non bulk variety, the net cost per ounce is about $2.50,” the study said.

“That is lower than the $4-7 price tag of the bulk variety. 

For those who do not like to shell out the extra $5 per bag, these are the best choices for the average person.”

Walmart’s Wire Nuts website advertises that they are “designed to help you keep your wire and wiring costs down,” while Costco’s website says they are the “best non-stick wire nuts on the market.” 

“They can be purchased in bulk or individually for the lowest price,” the website said.

“Wire nuts are ideal for the home because they have a low price, are inexpensive and can be used as a backup to wiring.

It’s a great way to cut costs when you don’t have the cash to buy a full-size electrical outlet.”

In a statement to ESPN, a Walmart spokesperson said that wire nuts were “designed for home use only.”

“We do not recommend these wire nuts for outdoor use, as they are not designed for indoor use,” the statement said.