AUSTRALIA’S most popular grain, cashew nuts, is now the latest food crop to find its way into supermarket shelves after a breakthrough genetic modification made it easier to make into a nut.

Key points:The nut is made by cutting off a piece of the husk of the hazelnut and mixing with water to form a super-foodThe nuts are not normally eaten as a food, but are being developed to replace wheat and barley in processed foodsThe company, Alimentation Foods, said its first-generation product, cashews, would go on sale by the end of next year.

It said it was making its product from a small amount of its original hazelnuts, which were first developed by the company’s research partner, the University of Technology Sydney, and then taken apart.

“The hazelmores were not grown to maturity, they were developed from a few pieces of husk, which we cut off and mixed with water and then added to the mixture to form cashews,” Alimentations chief executive, Paul Gervais, said.

“They’re not used in the food industry.

They’re in our food supply.”

Mr Gervans said the product would be available in grocery stores in September.

“It’s not an industrial product, it’s not a supermarket product.

It’s a super food,” he said.’

A really great opportunity’Mr Gevans said his company was looking at a range of products including a chocolate bar, a cereal bar, dried fruit and fruit smoothie.

“You can use the cashew seeds as an ingredient for a lot of things, for food, in beverages, in flavourings, for making margarines,” he told ABC Radio Adelaide.

“We’ve been working with food producers around the world and the technology is really, really exciting.”

This is the most significant opportunity for the industry in a long time.

“The company has also set up an international lab in Adelaide, which it says will be able to grow its hazel nuts for the first time.

The company’s first product is now available to buy.

A spokeswoman for Alimentacion said the company had taken its first step towards commercialising its hazels and was working with several international partners to commercialise it.”

Our product will be available to retailers in the first quarter of next decade,” she said.

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