A report by CoinTelegram claims to show that Caffeina Nut, one of the biggest manufacturers of wire nut brands, has reported their deaths due to the “wiring nut” craze that has swept across the world.

Caffeina has been the source of many complaints from consumers who have claimed that their wire nut packages contain a toxic substance.

The company has been targeted by the “wire nut” movement, which claims that wire nuts are made with the intent of creating an addictive drug.

But the report claims that Caffa Nut was not only the target of the “weird stuff” craise, but that the company also made it clear that they did not have any plans to remove the wires.

The report cites a memo that CAF revealed that the “buzzword” was used to describe the wire nut industry as a whole.

According to the memo, the company stated that the term “wire nuts” was not just a marketing term, but was actually a real-life product and that it was not “a joke”.

The company had been in the news recently after it was revealed that it had been fined for selling its wire nut products to customers that had not signed up for its free shipping offer.

Caffa had previously apologised for the incident, saying that they were “sickened by the way the term ‘weird’ has been used”.

The report suggests that the wire nuts themselves are indeed addictive, as some brands such as the Nutsmith brand were found to have used a chemical called 2-phenyl-2,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine, or 2,4,5-Dimethoxyamphetamine (DPMA), which can induce paranoia and psychosis.

Caf has been sued several times over its wire nuts products, including by the US Food and Drug Administration and the European Union, for using the chemicals in the products.

Last month, Caffeinated Nut, the largest chain of wire nuts in the US, announced that it would stop selling wire nuts to customers.

Coffee-nut brand Nutscapes, which has been in existence for more than a century, is also facing a barrage of criticism over its product.

In February, the California-based coffee-nut maker announced that its coffee-nuts would be ending their life-extension service, and said that it plans to phase out all of its wire-nut products by the end of the year.