— You know the feeling: You grab a few pounds of bananas, put them in the microwave for a minute or so, and then you’re back on the grill.

Now imagine that experience in the palm of your hand.

Well, that’s exactly what the Gorilla nut roll is.

A few pounds and a little heat.

That’s what we wanted to achieve with the Gorillan nut roll.

And it’s the perfect way to take the heat out of your sandwich.

We cooked the bananas, shredded them and made a roll with a layer of banana skins on top.

It tasted just like a roll.

It was crunchy, sweet and savory.

It’s also very filling, with a lot of banana goodness.

Here’s how it’s done:1.

Wash the bananas.

We used an organic variety that’s not grown on land.2.

Put the banana skins into a blender.3.

Add the banana powder, spices, salt, oil and water to a blender, and blend on high until smooth.4.

Pour in the peanut butter and then the banana.5.

Blend on high for about five minutes.

We like to taste the mixture as it cooks.6. Enjoy!