Lil peepnuts are going nuts over a new emoji that’s making its way to the iPhone app.

But, they’re also worried that this new emoji might be a bit too much.

“They’ve got a new hashtag, #nutbolt, and people are using it to say it’s a joke.

That’s a really bad idea,” Lil peeps owner T.J. Mavromatis said.

He also worries that the emoji will be “totally unhelpful” to people who use the hashtag for other things.

“It’s just a horrible idea,” Mavromeatis said, adding that he’s had people ask him about it and then delete the app altogether.

“This emoji is just a bad idea.

It’s so bad that they’re putting it out there,” Mivromatis added.”

I can’t use this.

I’m sorry.”

Mavromeis’ company, Lil Peepnuts, launched in 2011.

Its Instagram account is filled with pictures of lil peeps in their original form, including a shot of a baby lil peeper.

But it’s since been replaced with the new emoji.