The NFL name is “nuts” because they’re nutty, and there are no nuts in the NFL, according to the league.

In its most recent rules of the game, the NFL explained its stance on the name, saying it’s not a nickname and it’s “noun” meaning that there are nuts in it.

“It is, however, an extremely common and popular nickname and a commonly used name for a football player,” the league said in the rulebook.

The name is not limited to just NFL players, either.

NFL Players Association president Eric Winston said in a statement that, despite the name being used by more than 500 players in 2016, he is not surprised by the name.

“Nuts is a word that comes up a lot in the locker room and in the stands, so I think it is safe to say that there is no one in the league who doesn’t have a connection with this,” Winston said.

The name is also used by other sports.

A tweet from the @NutsNFL account posted Sunday, November 16, 2017, included the image of the New England Patriots and Dallas Cowboys logos with the word “Nuts” in their name.

The tweet was deleted shortly after the tweet was posted.

Another tweet on Sunday read, “As a New England Patriot, I want to say to everyone who plays the game I am not a nut, I am a man, and I want a team name that honors the men and women who play this game.”

The NFL has had a problem with its fans in recent years.

In 2016, the league was fined $50,000 for fans who booed a pregame speech by former Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Fans were also known to disrupt games and alter the course of the games.

Last year, the team of Browns fans who had been booed at games in Cincinnati and Cleveland reportedly vandalized the field of the AFC title game between the two teams.

One of the Cleveland fans, James Rolfe, was arrested for assault.

He was eventually released from custody, but police said he was in possession of a knife and a crowbar.

An NFL spokesman said Sunday that Rolfa was arrested because he tried to block the entrance to the field, but no arrests were made.