FOX Sports’ Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys are expected to make their case for keeping the Buckeye nut at Lambeau Field, as the team makes a major push to secure a new home for the beloved Nut.

Sources told Fox Sports’ Ed Werder that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is in the final stages of negotiating a deal with the NFL to keep the nut on the field.

He is expected to announce his final decision on whether or not to keep it next week.

If Jones signs a new contract with the Cowboys, he could save $7 million by cutting the Nut.

Jones could also save $3.3 million by leaving the nut at the end of each of the Cowboys’ regular season games.

The Cowboys also plan to move the Nut to an off-site facility for NFL Network.

The Packers are expected not to pursue a deal to keep both the Buckeyes and the Nut at Lambs Field.

But the team is working on a plan to bring the Nut back to Lambeaus Field.

The Packers could also consider moving the Nut for the season if they can’t secure a home.

The NFL Network announced this week that it will air the game on Nov. 18, which is the date that the Buc-keyes and Nut meet in Green Bay.