Deez and Nut Button are two of the funniest memes on the internet.

The two hip hop rappers make their debut on the hip hop internet with a video titled “Numb Nut” and a short comic strip called “Nothings Grapenuts.”

The strips are popular among fans of hip hop and internet culture, as they’re hilarious and hilarious at the same time.

But their viral popularity also led to some awkward jokes on the Internet.

In one video, the two rap-talking rappers joke about how they are both from the West Coast.

“I’m from Los Angeles,” Deez says.

“And my mom is from Seattle,” Nut says.

Both rappers seem to be trying to use their accent to get the joke across, which makes the comic strip funny and hilarious.

“What is up with that?”

Deez asks.

“My mom says Seattle, but my dad says L.A.,” Nut replies.

In another video, Nut is showing Nut Button how to make Numbnuts.

The Nut button is a popular internet meme that involves someone pretending to be a nut with a spoon and nut butter in their mouth.

The meme is a fun way to make a joke about a food, especially since Nut’s parents own a bakery.

“Numb nut” and “nut” are both slang terms for nuts and berries.

Numb nuts are nut-shaped nuts with small berries inside.

Numbs are small berries.

The Numbnut, or Nut-Nut, is a nut-sized, round nut with small seeds.

Nut-nut is slang for a small, round fruit.

The comic strip and Nut button are both made up of Nut, Nut, and Nut.

The characters in the strip are mostly white, male, and in their 20s.

The comic strip was published on June 10, 2015 and Nut and Nut buttons were released on August 15, 2015.

The two rappers are known for making the jokes about Nut and nut buttons.

Nut and a Nut Button made up the first video, and the strip followed in October 2015.

“Nut and Nut” is an acronym for Nut and the Nut.

“Nut and Nut,” which was created in 2009, is slang slang for nut.

Numb nuts and Nut nuts are both popular in the West.

Nut is the largest of the nuts and nut is the smallest.

“Pigs,” which is a reference to a popular video game franchise, is an insult for people who are not related to one another.

The strip’s comic strip characters are both called the Nut and/or Nut and is also slang for the smaller of the two.

Nut and nut have the same pronunciation and meaning.

“numb nut,” is also pronounced as “nut.”

Nut and an Nut Button is pronounced “nut-nut.”

The Nut is larger than Nut, which is smaller than Nut.