If your cat is dead, your neighbor has probably seen a dead kitten or a cat wandering around your yard.

In many cases, the dead animal may have been injured or abandoned.

In those instances, the person responsible for caring for the animal will need to get involved.

Here’s what you can do to help.1.

Remove a dead animal from your yard2.

Find out how to remove a dead rodent from your house3.

Keep cats away from a dead mouse or rat4.

Clean up a dead rat’s mess5.

Clean out the trashIf your cat or cat is still alive, call 911.

You may be able to find help from a shelter, humane society, or pet owner.

Call the animal control center if you suspect that the animal may be dangerous or rabid.

If you have a dead squirrel or a dead turtle, contact the local Animal Control or call the Humane Society of Georgia.

If you have an injured or deceased pet, call the Atlanta Animal Shelter at (404) 831-6511 or 1-800-267-8255.

If the animal has been shot, call local police or 911.

If your animal is still living, call Georgia Emergency Management at (770) 552-1234 or (404)-567-6227.