9 Signs Your Cat Might Be Lonely

Cats get lonely just like humans do, and there are a variety of reasons why your cat may be lonely. According to Petful, the answer is usually a lack of stimulation. Cats need to be able to have an environment in which they find interesting things to do. If there is nothing for them to chase, play with or otherwise interact with, then they may  become a lonely cat.

The Signs to Watch for

Let’s look now at the signs you should be keeping an eye out for that could tell you that your cat is lonely:

  1. Sleeping More

If you see your cat sleeping all the time, then there is a good chance it is lonely. Of course, there are other reasons this may be happening, but loneliness is often indicated by this behavior first and foremost

2. Being Destructive

According to IHeartCats, if your cat engages in destructive behavior where it didn’t used to before, this could be an indicator of loneliness. This could mean your cat is clawing the furniture, overturning its food and water bowls, or otherwise leaving a path of destruction in its wake.

3. Having a Bad Temper

Destructive cats also tend to be aggressive cats, and the destruction is usually a side effect of aggressive behavior. If your cat is reacting poorly to you or hissing at you or others it used to be friendly with, then that’s a behavioral problem that could be rooted in loneliness.

4. Being Needy

Here is a sign that you can easily associate with loneliness. If your cat is acting like it needs you all the time, hanging and meowing constantly when you are away from it, then that clinginess could indicate you have a lonely cat .

5. Crying for Attention

We are not talking actual crying here, but rather signs that your cat wants your attention. One of the most common ways your cat will seek attention is to urinate away from the litter container. It may stand right next to the litter bowl, only to spray away from it as sign of defiance and a call for attention.

6. Not Eating

According to AllAboutCats.com, your pet may not eat if it is feeling unloved and lonely. This is another call for attention, but it could also be a sign of depression. Both of  are common behaviors when a cat is not getting the attention it thinks it deserves. Your cat may not eat at all, but it is more likely that it will simply leave most of its food and only pick at what you give it.

7. Overgrooming

Cats will groom themselves often, but if they start to groom themselves too much, then that could indicate that they just aren’t feeling themselves. You might call this obsessive-compulsive behavior in humans, and cats exhibit similar tendencies when they are lonely.

8. Leaving for long Periods of Time

You may be too busy to spend a lot of time with your cat or you may not be providing your cat with the right kind of company. In those cases, your cat may decide to leave the house for a while to find something interesting or to meet other cats. Don’t take it personally, but consider that your cat may need a feline friend.

9. Overeating

We already talked about undereating, but overeating is a common behavior of lonely cats as well. A behavior that could lead to serious health issues down the line. They often do this because they don’t have anything better to do. Constantly meowing for food is their way of getting your attention. Make sure to switch your cat’s diet accordingly

What to Do about It

Your best bet for getting your cat back to normal is to change up its routine. Give it more interesting things to do. Take your cat to new places and spend time with your pet to ensure it doesn’t get bored or lonely. These methods often work, but sometimes, you have to take more drastic measures. Your cat may need a change of scenery. Moving somewhere else or letting the cat stay with someone for a while may be a good option. You could also bring another cat in your home to give your pet someone to interact with.

If these methods aren’t working, though, then talk to your vet about what to do.

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