Bascolor Electric Rotating Butterfly Cat Toys Review

Everyone knows that cats have two sides to them. They are sometimes extremely lazy and other times incredibly playful. While kittens tend to be active most of the time, older cats do seem to favor sleeping more often.

Because they also need exercise, choosing a toy to spark their interest is not the easiest job in the world. Catnip may work for a while on older toys but it doesn’t last long. Anyhow, not everyone has time to follow the cat around, throwing balls and dragging strings to keep the pet entertained.

The Electric Rotating Butterfly cat toy is an affordable solution that doesn’t require you to stay by the kitty’s side all the time. As we dive in deeper into this article, you will see exactly how it works and why the Interactive Cat Toy Spinning Teaser from Bascolor, might be just the thing your cat needs.


Cats adore the flying movement of the butterflies on this toy. Although cats are quite accurate with their paws, they will often hit the spinning rod or jump the base unit. The surface is slippery so the pet won’t jump it too often, nor will it be able to topple it. Underneath, the material is not as polished and provides the surface for a very stable base.

The spinning rod is long enough that cats won’t be able to pull with significant force from the head and make the toy fall over. The rod is also flexible enough to produce a very realistic flying motion to the butterflies.

This is no ordinary cat toy. You turn it on and the device keeps your cat entertained for as long as you wish. You can even set playtime sessions for your adorable pets. Battery life varies on the brand you buy. The better the battery, the longer they will last you. Some can support up to one month of daily play.

The butterfly design is realistic, and the butterflies fly in circular movements and manage to enthrall kittens and cats alike. The toy works wonders at night too, because of the fluorescent features added to the butterflies. Of course, you might want to turn it off if you want to get some sleep.

The device comes with two additional heads so your pets can have a blast with the toy for a long time. Only one won’t do the trick, but three will keep them busy for a while. The electric rotating butterfly has a sturdy foundation, but the manufacturers have included spare butterflies, knowing well that the cats will only be interested in hitting and biting the flying bugs. Therefore, they have provided spare parts.


  • Stable base unit
  • Replaceable butterflies
  • Comes with spares for the head
  • 360-degree angle rotation
  • Fluorescent elements
  • Interactive
  • Suitable for older cats too
  • The base is not slippery
  • The battery can last up to one month


  • The wire holding the butterfly could be harder
  • Just on and off button, no control for the speed at which the rod spins
  • The butterflies don’t last long if you have very active and curious cats


The Bascolor Electric Cat Toy does a great job at keeping cats busy. Whether they are kittens or adults, pets will enjoy watching and hunting the rotating butterflies. The durable and heavy base ensures that the device doesn’t fall over to the side and crack. The slippery surface will keep cats off it and in return increase the durability of the spinning rod that creates the flying motion.

The size of the product is just right and won’t take much storage space or render half a room unusable because of continuous frantic cat activity. All you need to do to assemble it is stick the rod on top of the base, attach the butterfly at the end, put in two batteries and you’re set.

You don’t even have to take it apart to store it, you can leave it wherever you want in the house. Seeing it during the night is no problem because of the fluorescent features on the butterflies and make it a nice-looking addition to your home.

The spinning rod is long enough to create a wide flying pattern but not too long to cause balance issues. The speed is not adjustable but it’s not fast enough to make cats dizzy. The pace at which the rod turns is perfect for a stalking, curious pet.

Bascolor Electric Butterfly Cat Toy vs. Lictin Butterfly Toy for Cats

What the Lictin toy has to offer is a similar to the Electric Rotating Butterfly from Bascolor. Some of the features are found in both, like the rotating rod and the non-slippery base. Lictin offers a rubber base, though it does not make the toy heavy enough to withstand constant kitty attacks.

The Lictin version of the rotating butterfly is also not as realistic as the one from Bascolor. The design looks more childish or cartoonish, though it is available in multiple color patterns. The upside is, this product only requires one battery to run. For smaller pets, this could be a good 360-degree spinning interactive toy, but it surely won’t a keep older cats entertained for very long.


Considering how well built the Bascolor Electric Butterfly Cat Toy is, it’s hard to imagine any other toy getting the edge over this product. While similar ones exist, they just can’t match the balance between design, durability, and longevity of this product. Powered by two batteries, this device can offer a great deal of play time for curious cats. By now you should know, why Bascolor’s Electric Rotating Butterfly Cat Toy is the ultimate cat distraction.

This interactive cat toy is suitable for cats of all ages and offers great value for money. Cats can enjoy spending hours jumping around after the elusive fluorescent butterflies, day and night. Since the bottom is hardly movable, the only thing that might end up being ruined is the actual flying critter.

Since those heads are replaceable and the product even comes with a few spares straight from the box, cats will have a blast playing with the Electric Rotating Butterfly, and you as an owner, will have very little maintenance. Instead, you can sit back and relax while your cats have endless hours of fun.

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