Best Cat Toys for Indoor Cats

Are you a cat person or a dog person? The answer may say a lot about you. Cat people are said to be alternative thinkers, more independent and open to try new things. In fact, the same could be said of cats versus dogs. Dogs may show more affection than cats, but they also require more attention.

For this reason, a cat may make a better indoor pet. Dogs may get really lonely if you are out working all day, and when you come back home, even though you are tired you still have to take them on a walk to release some of that stored energy. With cats, you won’t need to worry about this. They are fairly independent and can cope well alone.

However, something you do need to worry about is not getting your pieces of furniture shredded to pieces. Cats, especially when young, are really playful, and they absolutely love to sink their claws into that brand new couch or that soft carpet. They just can’t help it.

But if you get them a really nice toy, like the ones we’re about to review, you may be able to keep them distracted from your furniture. So let’s dig into the best cat toys for indoor cats.

Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

The Tower of Tracks is quite an original toy. It is comprised of circular tracks stacked on top of each other, with balls fitted between the tracks. The balls won’t come off during play, so it can keep your cat entertained for quite some time, pushing and chasing the balls around the tracks.

Petstages paid attention to detail by including nice anti-skid pads at the bottom to prevent it from moving around too much. It also feels solid all over and can withstand pretty much anything your cat can throw at it. They have even added a bar on the opening so that your cat doesn’t run the risk of getting stuck if it gets too curious.

The advantage of having three tracks is that many kittens can play with it at the same time. However, if they get too excited, the rubber pads at the bottom might not be enough to keep it from moving. If you like to play with your cat, you will also enjoy making it chase the balls around the tracks.


  • Design is attractive for cats
  • Many cats can play at the same time
  • Allows your cat to play by himself
  • Keeps your cat entertained for hours
  • Grip pads are good for light use


  • Too much force can make the toy tip over, causing the cat to lose interest
  • Bottom ball may come out after a while
  • Toy could be a bit bigger

Fashion’s Talk Cat toys Variety Pack for Kitty 20 pieces

If you are not sure which are the best cat toys for your kitten, then why not buy 20 toys all at once? That’s what you get with this offering from Fashion’s talk. It is an assortment of 20 different pieces, so there’s bound to be at least one that your cat enjoys.

The package includes toys of multiple shapes and textures. You’ll get little mice and balls covered in rope, tiny catnip bags, shiny balls, furry mice, balls with bells inside them and more. You’ll also get a little stick with dangling feathers, which is probably the best for playing with your pet. If you like, you can overwhelm your cat’s senses by throwing all toys at it at once. However, this way, they will probably disappear more quickly, so you may opt to take them out of the box one at a time.

Some of the best cat toys have reasonable durability, while others don’t. The foam balls made of many little stripes tend to be a cat favorite, but also get destroyed pretty quickly. However, if you consider the durability of the package as a whole, it is good value, not only thanks to the sheer quantity but also because some of the toys can actually endure a lot.


  • Good variety of colors, shapes, and textures
  • Cats tend to love most of the toys included
  • Wand with dangling feathers is nice for playing with your pet
  • Lots of toys means adequate durability


  • Toys with bells can make annoying sound
  • Package may not include the expected variety

Crazy chase! Laser Cat Toys – Pet Interactive LED Light

Cats love chasing a little moving dot of light, especially when it changes speed and direction because it looks exactly like living prey. They go after it like crazy, hoping they’ll actually catch it and see what it tastes like.

That is exactly what happens with the Crazy chase! Laser Toy by Avolare. It will quickly capture the attention of cats or even dogs and make them go after the light with great enthusiasm. The light itself is extremely bright and clearly visible even under direct sunlight. It also features a USB charging cable for recharging on your computer.

You may be wondering if such a bright light is safe for your pet’s eyes, and your concerns are justified. As you may have noticed, the toy’s description is contradictory: it says the gadget is a laser and also a LED. So, which one is it? Well, it actually is a class IIIa laser which, while safe for momentary exposure, keep it quick.

Staring at a class IIIa laser too close or for more than just some fractions of a second can actually damage human or animal eyes. Which is why Avolare, while claiming this is a LED light and safe on animals, still advise you not to point it directly at your cat’s eyes.

Actually, if you look at the pointer carefully, you will spot a danger warning sticker about these safety concerns.


  • Cats love it
  • Light is very bright
  • Rechargeable by USB


  • Light comes from a class IIIa laser which is potentially dangerous for your cat’s eyes


Choosing between some of the best cat toys was tough, but ultimately, our pick is the 20-piece variety pack by Fashion’s Talk. As long as you are OK with eventually losing some of the included toys, it is guaranteed fun for even the fussiest of kittens as it is bound to find one that it likes. Among the variety, you will find some suitable for playing with your cat, and others it can play with by itself, which is great for indoor pets that may spend some time alone.

Our second pick is the Tower of Tracks by Petstages. It also provides long hours of fun for your kitty and is suitable for playing alone or with other cats. The Crazy chase! Laser Cat Toy is another good choice that will keep your cat entertained for hours on end. Keep in mind that it’s an actual laser, so make sure not to point it directly at your pet’s eyes.

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