Best Electronic Cat Toys

Cats are simply amazing. There is a reason why there are so many videos of cats doing the cutest things. They’re just so cute and hilarious that they actually help to lower our stress levels, and nothing beats coming home to a cute cat acting like a clown.

But because cats are so incredibly smart and curious, we have to keep them engaged and entertained.

What could be better than to keep them cheerful with interactive cat toys? If you’ve been thinking of getting one for your feline friend, look no further. In this article, we will look at some of the best electronic cat toys on the market.

But first, let’s talk about interactive cat toys for a bit. If you’re reading this article, you probably have a cute feline friend in your home and, if so, you must have noticed that house cats spend the majority of their days sleeping.

They sleep around 16 hours a day, so, the few hours they’re up, they need to exercise both their minds and bodies to stay sharp and healthy.

We tend to forget that cats are natural hunters, and their antics that we enjoy so much is their instinctive need to hunt. Staying engaged is extremely important for cats, as it prevents destructive boredom and ensures good health and a happy feline.

This is why playtime for cats is not only fun but also important. Hence, the need for interactive cat toys to keep them busy for as long as they want.

Now, let’s look at some of the best electronic cat toys to keep your feline friend happy and healthy.

AOLIKES Cat’s Meow Toy


AOLIKES Cat’s Meow Toy is an interactive toy for house cats. This is appealing because it has a remote control and independent play features.

We can use it to keep our cat entertained and engaged without requiring our constant attention, but we can also use it to play with our cat by using its remote control feature.

The toy has a very basic but attractive design that will keep even the laziest cats on their toes. It tries to mimic the movements of a mouse’s tail.

It has a circular body with a detachable stick that looks at the tail of a mouse and can be placed on a rug or some other cloth, making it look like as if a mouse is sitting under the rug with its tail sticking out, waiting to be pounced by a cat.

Among its many functionalities, its independent function has four various speed as well as varying preferences for different cats. We can set the toy at fast, slow, medium or even random to keep the cat guessing and on its toes.


  • Dual functionality, allowing us to use it with a remote controller as well as on its independent play setting.
  • Multiple setting for the independent play to make sure the cat doesn’t get bored.
  • It mimics scurrying mice, a cat’s natural prey, and will keep your cat entertained and engaged for hours.
  • It also allows us to set timers to turn off after a certain period of time automatically. 


  • The center of the toy is quite bulky and might prove a bit difficult to conceal under a rug.
  • Its remote control uses infrared technology, which usually has a limited range of use.
  • Since it has a lithium ion battery, in its early stage it needs to be used at least twice a day in order to ensure maximum battery life and full range sensitivity of the remote control.

Leaps and Bounds Electric Flutter Butterfly Cat Toy


Leaps and Bounds Electric Flutter Butterfly Cat Toy is another interactive toy for our feline friends. It is designed to mimic a butterfly fluttering through the house, trying to catch your cat’s attention. It has the perfect design that will make your cat pounce in excitement.

It has a simple four-legged base for perfect support and balance. Thin wire sticks out of the base with a butterfly on top of it.

When the toy is turned on, it moves the wire in a way that makes the butterfly flutter just as a real butterfly does. The movements are so natural that it will instantly catch your cat’s attention.

Since cats love to chew the butterfly toy after catching it, the box contains two butterfly attachments.


  • It makes the toy butterfly flutter in a way that will attract your cat’s attention without fail.
  • It includes an extra butterfly attachment if the first one falls victim your cat’s instincts.
  • It is brilliantly designed to satisfy any cat’s natural instinct to chase and pounce. 


  • The thin string can get bunt after some rough play. If the string gets bent, the butterfly doesn’t flutter around as it was intended to and might not be able to catch your cat’s attention.
  • It does not have a rechargeable battery. Instead, it relies on three AA batteries.

HEXBUG Nano Robotic Cat Toy


NEXBUG Nano Robotic Cat Toy is an electronic toy for cats that’s designed to look like a mouse. But unlike a real mouse, it has a big furry tail to captivate even the soberest cat.

Unlike many cat toys, Nano Robotic Cat is quite realistic in mimicking a real mouse as it utilizes sharp, lifelike movements to entice a cat to chase after its prey. It can even flip over to try to escape its predator’s clutches.

It is quite an amazing toy for any house cat due to it’s uncanny ability to balance itself even while a cat is trying to paw it around. Surprisingly, it can even navigate around objects and will find its way out of a corner.

The best thing about this toy is that it will keep a cat engaged far longer than most other toys as it will always try to evade a cat and keep her on the prowl.


  • The toy utilizes vibration to move around, which ensures that it keeps moving even if pinned down by a cat.
  • Its lifelike movements will fool any cat into thinking it’s a real mouse.
  • It has a huge furry tail that will stimulate every cat’s natural instinct to hunt. 


  • It only works on hard surfaces.
  • Cats can tear off its furry tail and make a mess around the house.

Summary: Best Electronic Cat Toys

Each and every one of the cat toys is quite unique and offers somewhat of a different experience for cats. However, it is difficult to ignore the fact that HEXBUG Nano Robotic Cat Toy stands out.

It is the only toy that moves around and tries to evade a cat who is on the prowl. If we were to choose one of the best electronic cat toys, there would be no doubt that HEXBUG Nano Robotic Cat would be our first choice.

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