Electric Spinning Cat Feather Interactive Toy Review

Watching cats play and enjoy their toys is great fun for cat owners. Their curious natures and ability to bounce and jump high make it even more enjoyable to watch them. An issue with cats and their toys is their tendency to get bored playing with the same toy for long periods of time.

Cats are smart and tire of playing with the usual stationary toys that may not challenge them mentally or physically. They prefer practicing their pouncing and hunting skills while engaging in play.

One of the best ways to keep cats interested in their toys is to have one that moves. A motionless toy will not hold their attention and interest for long but a toy that is capable of motion will attract your kitties more often.

A toy that has surely captivated many cats and kittens is the Elipet Electric Rotate Best Interactive Cat Feather Toy. This review will cover the features, pros, and cons that come with this cat toy to give you a better idea of what you can expect before you bring it home for your feline friend.

Features of Elipet Electric Rotate Best Interactive Cat Feather Toy

  • Interactive cat toy with feather teaser
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Removable cat teaser
  • Owner can use teaser to play with their cats themselves
  • Comes with cat plate and a blue ball
  • Blue ball makes a great catnip or snack holder to attract attention
  • Great for kittens
  • Best used on flat and leveled surfaces
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning
  • Encourages healthy exercise and active play
  • Helps in physical and mental development of young kittens
  • Great emotional and behavioral training tool
  • Fun for cats and their owners
  • Disc size: Diameter = 17cm/6.7 inches, Height = 18cm/ 8 inches


The Elipet Electric Rotate Best Interactive Cat Feather Toy has many great qualities loved by both kittens and their owners. The rotating and attractive feather easily attracts the cat’s attention; once they start to play it seems they never want to stop.

The Cat Feather

Another plus is the rotating feather that can be put on an automatic timer, so batteries are not wasted when not in use. For cat owners who want to build a stronger bond between themselves and their cats, the feather teaser can be removed from the toy and be controlled manually.

Another great aspect of the Elipet Electric Rotate Best Interactive Cat Feather Toy is the random movement the toy produces. Chasing the erratically moving, fluttery feather cat toy provides physical and mental stimulation, even for cats that bore easily.

The Ball

The ball that comes with the cat plate is also the perfect snack or catnip container. Adding these treats inside the ball makes the toy even more attractive to your pet.

If you have a cat who isn’t interested in toys, this technique will most likely work on them and they will start playing actively with this rotating toy. Once they start most cats just keep on playing and you’ll enjoy watching them have fun.

The biggest advantage of a rotating cat toy is the way it encourages cats to move and stay active. Exercising and staying happy and healthy is more fun when they have a toy to chase and pounce after.

This toy is a wonderful tool to use for kittens that need to practice their pouncing as it uses their natural hunting instincts. This keeps their minds agile and their bodies active and healthy which results in a trained and satisfied kitty.


When it comes to rotating toys with teasers, the problem with all of them is that the teasers can break. The Elipet Electric Rotate Best Interactive Cat Feather Toy has the same problem.

Cat owners commonly find it disadvantageous because there is no replacement wand available. When the feather is gone, cats tend to lose interest in the cat feather toy.

Be careful when using the toy as your cat can easily break the feathered lure and that might lead to accidents.

Not all cats will be attracted to the Interactive Cat Feather Toy. Though cat’s disinterest in toys is not specific to this toy

Cats are independent creatures who like to go about their day uninterrupted. The best way to get your cat moving is to entice them with a toy. While kittens love cat feather toys, it can be more difficult to interest your adult cat.


Felines and their owners simply love the Elipet Electric Rotate Best Interactive Cat Feather Toy. Kittens like playing with the toy while their owners find joy in watching them have fun.

It is a cute and interactive toy that you and your feline companion will surely appreciate.

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