Etrech 8 Pieces Assorted Feather Cat Toy Review

Cats and dogs are the most common pets people have at home. It is a well-known fact that cats are more independent and require less fuss than a dog. Cat ownership may have its downsides. For one, cats are not as easy to train as dogs.

Being the independent creatures that they are, cats tend to do their own thing instead of listening to orders from their human companions. This results in cats running wild around the house often knocking into, and scratching furniture.

Cats may have pent up energy that needs to be directed to activities, play time, and exercise.

One way to attract your cat into being more active and less destructive is to have enticing toys. Cats are naturally curious animals and will be quick to investigate something new and interesting to them.

One perfect example of a cat toy that both you and your cat will enjoy is the Etrech 8 Pieces Assorted Feather Cat Toy. Cat lovers who want to keep their cats healthy and active while at the same time be involved during playtime will find this product review informative.

Features of Etrech 8 Pieces Assorted Feather Cat Toy

  • Controlled chasing, leaping, and stalking playtime
  • Healthy and safe outlet for a cat’s hunting instincts
  • Made using non-toxic and safe materials
  • Dyes are non-toxic and safe for cats, humans, and other pets
  • Loved by cat owners and cats
  • Interactive toy
  • Helps to strengthen bond between human and cat
  • Perfect for supervised play time
  • Entices active and lazy cats and kittens alike
  • 37-inch flexible, non-toxic, indestructible wand
  • Adjustable and extendable wand
  • Comes with 8, safe, soft and colorful polycarbonate feathers
  • Clear string
  • Lightweight


Attracting the attention of your cat or kitten may be easy, but keeping their attention is another matter. Cats are smart creatures and may bore easily.

This is common with challenging toys or toys left out during the entire day. The Etrech 8 Pieces Assorted Feather Cat Toy is a fantastic cat toy option as it keeps cats active and interested for a longer period of time.

Play with your cat, and then put the toy away before they get bored with it. Bring it out later when it’s time to play again. Cats tend to lose interest in toys when they are left out all day long.

Essential Bonding 

While some cat toys are best enjoyed by kittens, adult cats enjoy enjoy the Etrech 8 Pieces Assorted Feather Cat Toy too. The invisible fishing line allows the colorful, soft, and safe feather  to dangle enticing for both kittens and cats alike. You’ll love watching them pounce after it.

This feather cat toy is ideal for cementing the bond between human and pet. Playtime requires both parties be involved. This toy allows cats to stretch their legs and practice their hunting skills in a safe environment while you interact with them.

Everyone has fun when they use the Etrech 8 Pieces Assorted Feather Cat Toy and that’s a guarantee. You can adjust the length of the wand encouraging your cat to jump higher and higher. They love the challenge and you’ll get a kick out of their antics.

This is a fun, exciting, and entertaining way to keep your cats fit while engaging in play with them. The Etrech 8 Pieces Assorted Feather Cat Toy is affordable. It is reliable, durable, and budget-friendly which means every cat owner can afford to have one for their feline friend.


The biggest problem with the Etrech 8 Pieces Assorted Feather Cat Toy is the frustration your cat may have when you put it away. A cat’s activity level is heightened during play and they may tire quickly.

Although the price point is inexpensive, costs may add up when buying replacements as cats just can’t help but play with it. There may be quality control issues when it comes to this cat toy as well.

Some users have reported that the wand did not last long. Be careful when using the wand. If your cat holds on to the feather cat toy too tightly, it could snap and break.

Another disadvantage to the Etrech 8 Pieces Assorted Feather Cat Toy may be that it does not encourage independent play. This makes cats and kittens more dependent on their owners for playtime. Some owners prefer toys that cats can play with independently, when their cat is home alone.

Cats have a tendency to lose interest in any toy over time. Limit playtime and your cat will look forward to the feather cat toy when it’s time to play.


It’s always entertaining to watch your cat run and chase after Etrech 8 Pieces Assorted Feather Cat Toy. For fun, affordable playtime that encourages bonding with your cat, you cannot go wrong with the Etrech 8 Pieces Assorted Feather Cat Toy.

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