What Are Good Cat Toys 2018: A Quick Guide

Owning a pet is a big responsibility, and while a kitten doesn’t require as much attention and time as a puppy would, it is a responsibility nonetheless. Now, you’ve got this cute little kitten and you’re wondering how to keep him entertained?  Yes, you’ll need toys for your kitten, but what are the good cat toys 2018? 

Play is just as important for a cat’s development as proper nutrition. The right toys can help them release their pent-up energy and their inner need to hunt. More often than not, cats with behavioral problems simply need a good cat toy to let loose on. In this article, we will help you weave through the myriad of choices and help you understand which cat toys are best for your kitten or adult feline friend.

What Are Good Cat Toys 2018

Cats are hardwired to be to on the prowl, always on the lookout for their next prey. Since house cats don’t get to engage in the stimulating environment of the wild, it is important to at least allow them to engage in stimulating play so that they can stalk and hunt as their wild counterparts do. Play not only helps in their physical well-being but is also important for their mental state of being. The destructive behavior we see in some cats is simply due to pent-up energy, which doesn’t have a constructive outlet. Give a cat a toy and try to find behavior problems.

When choosing a toy for your cat, it is important to keep in mind that all cats have different temperaments. As a result, some toys will appeal to them, while others won’t even make them bat an eye.

So, what are good cat toys? Let’s find out.

Some of the Best Cat Toys 2018

The Chaser Scratcher

Scratcher is pervasive to every cat-dwelling home. The chaser scratch is a battery powered scratcher on wheels encouraging your cat to go wild for hours. The scratch pad will keeps your cat scratching on the pad rather than your furniture, while the toy’s movement will have your precious feline pouncing to its heart’s content. This toy will not only keep your cat entertained and engaged but will also help you teach your cat appropriate behavior in the house such as where to sharpen claws.

The Good ole Feather Cat Toy

There is a reason why so many cat toys love feathers. Cats dream of two simple things. They dream of mice, and they dream of a world with nothing but trapped birds. No wonder they love feather toys so much.

Natural bird feathers can invoke their basic instinct to hunt like no other toy. To a feline, a loose feather is an unlucky bird trapped inside their home. Your cat will enjoy endless hours going after it.

Cat Charmer Wand

Cat charmer is another timeless cat toy. You will not find a single cat owner who hasn’t owned this toy at one point or another. A piece of fabric on a stick, but for some reason, it will send your cat in an adrenaline filled state of ecstasy.

There is nothing you can’t make your cat do if you’ve got a cat charmer. It’s the only toy that will have your cat doing backflips, making an acrobat out of your feline friend.

Catnip Toys

Cats and catnip is one hell of a combination. Now, giving catnip to your cat will simply put her in a daze. What you want is a catnip toy and watch your cat go mad—not the bad kind.

The kind that results in internet greatness and transcendental memes. Cats have an unnatural love for catnip; it may even be used to train them, assuming your cat has any interest in being trained.

Laser Cat Toys

A cat will go crazy over a simple red laser dot. All you need is a laser light, and you are good to go. The interactive laser toys with an automatic mode,  is an excellent way to keep your cat stimulated and on the prowl while you sit back and watch.

Electronic Mouse Toy

The kind of toys that are available these days will simply blow your mind. You can get a remote controlled mouse or an automated mouse that doesn’t need to be controlled remotely.

These toys are designed to continuously move and avoid objects and corners. But that’s not all; they even try to get out of cat’s paws by flipping over, which make it the most realistic hunt you can see inside your home.

Food Maze Toy

Cats love a good challenge. They’re a curious bunch, and they tend to keep at it until they’ve satisfied their curiosity. Food maze toys are like puzzles for cats with food inside it.

It can energize even the laziest cats known to mankind. Your cat will keep at it for hours until it figures out how to get to the yummy treat sitting inside the maze.

Peek-A-Boo Toy

Peek-a-boo toys won’t make your cat run around all over the house doing backflips. Instead, you’ll find your cat deep in thought, trying to figure out the meaning of life.

This toy intrigues a cat to the point that she forgets about the world around her. The toy can be adjusted to change the holes to keep your cat guessing and never letting any dust settle on her thinking cap.

What Are Good Cat Toys 2018: Conclusion

There you have it. Some of the best toys you can buy for your new kitten or your cat. The more toys you get for your feline friend, the more she will love you—showing that affection, not so much.

We’re talking about a cat after all. A big part of their charm is their aloofness—sitting right next to us, but facing away.

These good cat toys will keep your cat entertained and stimulated throughout their nine lives. And, it will make some of the most entertaining antics you can hope for.


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