How to Get a Cat to Play with Toys

The paper ball and good old fashioned string is every cat’s first toy. Even first time owners of small kittens don’t need to know how to get a cat to play with toys, they just have to whip one of those out and the cat will be satisfied for a couple of weeks. The trouble kicks in once the pet gets older and not as easily entertained.

Either if you are looking to keep your cat exercising or you want to stop it from ruining furniture and other objects around the house, learning how to get a cat to play with toys is a necessary step for every owner. Not everyone can spend quality time all day long with their pet, so it helps if the cat can be entertained when alone.

The following article will take you through the process of understanding how to get a cat to play with toys. Taking in this information is essential in order to have a happy, healthy and playful pet instead of a lazy and shy cat.

Catnip Stuffed Toys

Some of the most appreciated playthings for any kitten are those stuffed with catnip or sprayed with a heavy dose on a very absorbent material. In almost all cases, these toys come in plenty shapes and sizes that will make the cat curious on every occasion. However, these are all very durable so after some wear and tear you will need to do some maintenance work.

Once the scent is gone or the fabric is a pet has ripped, the toy becomes useless. You can replace the catnip, but if the fabric is beyond repair, replace it. If the cat loved the first one, you can be sure she will enjoy the second one as well.

Catnip Spray

There are plenty of plush critters, mice, and birds that can make a cat go nuts over them. Of course, these will not keep them satisfied forever. Sometimes, your cat will get bored and ignore old toys. The same thing over and over again may work with food but not when it’s playtime.

What you need to understand when it comes to how to get a cat to play with toys is that these feline darlings have a short attention span. Cats are capricious creatures and move from one thing to another quite fast. Using some catnip spray on plush toys will make them appealing again at least for a while.

Interactive Toys

Cats can be shy around people. Try a different approach and purchase a product that will keep the pet interested when no one is near it. Electronic gadgets that can be turned on and off, produce lights or certain types of movement, will spark the animal’s curiosity.

There are devices that have fluorescent moving parts and they are perfect for some nighttime fun. While the owners sleep, cats can enjoy running in circles after a spinning butterfly or chase some lights on the floor. As long as you don’t mind the noise and the cat’s happiness is a priority this shouldn’t be much of a sacrifice.

Scratching Poles with Room for Accessories

It’s no mystery that cats love pulling and scratching just about everything. Purchasing a scratching pole is a must for every apartment cat or indoor pet for that matter. It can save your furniture, your clothes, and carpets.

When unsure how to get a cat to play with toys, fasten a few dangling trinkets to the top of the pole and watch your cat’s excitement. Constant movement on all things that dangle will catch the attention of furry feline pets. A few toys hanging from a piece of wood or scratching pole, will do the trick every time.

Clean the Toys

When encouraging play, make sure the toy is clean. Even the most curious of cats will stay away from some unfamiliar smells or fear them. Keeping toys clean or using safe powders will prevent this.

Cats can become interested again in older toys on their own after a while. Sometimes the easiest approach on how to get a cat to play with toys is to simply keep them clean. Sanitizing trinkets the right way will keep your pet safe. If your pet is not feeling well, regardless how much it likes the toy, it won’t play with it.

After a while cats can start playing with old plush toys when you least expect it. As long as they are kept in a good condition, there is nothing to worry about.

Changing Toys

Sometimes the question of how to get a cat to play with toys can be addressed by simply buying new toys. No matter how much you stuff them with new catnip, your pet may get bored. Getting new ones will spark their curiosity again.

It also helps when you keep track of  your cat’s favorite toys and find similar ones to replace them with. New is interesting but the pet needs familiarity in order to accept it quickly.

It is never a good idea to throw away old playthings before a trip to the store to replace them. Paying attention works wonders and not forcing toys on your furry friend will serve you well in the long run.

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