The Natural Pet Company Cat Toys Collection Review

If you think about it, house cats pretty much define what a life of leisure and comfort really means. Even though they are cautious and careful, they don’t really know what danger is.

They don’t worry about their next meal and don’t have to run around yards like their wide canine counterparts do. All they really do is lounge around on the windowsill and watch the world go by without any real worry.

It may actually be true that they are completely content with life. After all, they take long naps and act like the cutest thing in the world. But despite the deceptive optics, cats are genetically hardwired to be natural hunters. They need the rush of a good hunt to keep their minds as well as their bodies sharp.

This is why playing is such an important part of a cat’s life. It gives them the necessary stimulus to stay physically active and mentally sharp. And frankly, it is a wonderful way to bond with their owners.

Despite how it may seem to us, play isn’t just about having fun for our cats. It is a natural instinct that helps their wild counterparts to survive in the harsher conditions of the wild.

So, even if our feline family members never venture outside of the house, they still have the instinctive urges to stalk and hunt. This is why play can help them express their natural behavior and promote healthy behavioral patterns.

It’s no surprise that there are so much different types of toys designed especially for cats. But playing with our cat doesn’t necessarily have to involve a depot full of bright and shiny toys. After all, all that’s needed to excite a cat is some movement.

Cats love to pounce on moving objects such as feathers. In this article, we look at a cat’s toy collection of simple but effective toys to keep our cats engaged and stimulated.

The Natural Pet Company Cat Toys Collection

The Natural Pet Company’s Cat Toys Collection is a collection of simple but highly effective toys for cats. Let’s take a look at what the collection of cat toys has in store for our feline friends.


As a set of toys, it does offer quite a bit of variety. The pack includes seven unique toys for your cat’s playtime. Since cats tend to put everything in their mouths and try to chew on the toys after getting their paws on it, it is extremely important that cat toys are made using natural materials that won’t have a deleterious effect on their health.

The toy set passes this requirement as all of the toys inside the set are made out of natural and non-toxic materials.

The toys are made out of natural bird feathers, wood and elastic. Due to its simplicity, there are not many moving parts involved, which means they are quite long lasting and sturdy.

You can rest easy even if your cat gets rough with the toys, as these toys are built to take a beating. Most importantly, none of the toys have any plastics or other potentially toxic materials, which means we don’t have to worry about them getting sick because of harmful materials.

If you’ve spent some time with cats, it doesn’t take long to realize that cats have a range of different personalities, traits and activity levels. You’ll also notice that cats also have preferences for different types of toys.

For example, some cats will go bonkers with simple static toys, while others won’t even beat an eye. So in this regard, it’s good to get a collection of toys rather than a single toy.

This way if you’ve recently got a new cat, you will have to try out a number of different types of toys to understand their preferences.


  • The toy set provides a variety of different toys for your cat to play with and will help you understand their preferences as well.
  • It is made out of natural and safe materials, which will ensure that they don’t get sick playing with the toys.
  • The toys are made to take a beating. It will take a lot before a cat is able to break these toys.
  • It is simply a wonderful way for your cat to engage in some play and bond with you in the process.


  • Despite how sturdy it may be, sticks tend to break, and since it only has one stick, the entire set can become redundant if the stick breaks.
  • The feathers used in the toys are actual bird feathers. Now, this may not be a con for some, but those who don’t like the idea that birds had to die for their cat’s toys, might not be attracted to the toys.


You can find countless different types of types if you go out to get your cat a new toy. But if you think about it, all that cats want is something that moves around so they can chase it.

And this is exactly what this set of cat toys offer, sturdy toys made out of natural materials that will help you bond with your cat while they try to pounce on their feathery prey.


Etrech’s Feather Cat Toy is another collection of feather based cat toys. Due to its similarity to Natural Pet Company Cat Toys Collection, we thought it would serve as a good focal point for comparison.

Etrech offers eight different colored feathers to help bring out your cat’s natural hunting instincts. It offers a much sturdier stick with a gripped handle at one side. However, its feathers are nowhere near as sturdy.

It does offer a much wider range of interesting colors. The toys are made out of safe and environmentally-friendly materials, and the dye used for the coloring of the feathers is non-toxic.


Even though both of the cat toys are quite similar, there are some differences worth mentioning. First of all, Etrech offers greater variety both in sheer number as well as colors.

Moreover, it has a much sturdier handle with a grip to hold on to. However, when it comes to the things that really matter, there is no doubt that Natural Pet Company offers a better collection of toys for our feline friends.

Unlike Etrech, which is more or less colored feathers, Natural Pet Company really offers much greater variety. For example, one of the toys is a cute little mouse with some feathers on top.

Each of them has different shapes and sizes, which offer a slightly different experience for the cat. The fact that it’s more than just feathers makes it the better option.

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