When I got nut bread, you couldn’t stop me

Deeznuts, a staple of the US diet for decades, is being hailed as the first of its kind. The snack is the first to be made with corn and wheat, making it the first nut-free product to reach the shelves of grocery stores.The new, nut-filled snacks will also be available in a variety

How to beat the nut-picking disease

Nut-picking can be a disease that strikes people across the country, but the people who are hardest hit are the people of Hickory, North Carolina, a city that is famous

Nut nuts: A new cereal?

By: Nitesh Bhagwat, NDTV anchor, IndiaThe nut nuts are back, the old nut nuts.The new ones are also nutty.Nuts are the new coconut, and the new cereal is the nut

Which nut nuts do you like the most?

The nuts we eat vary by location and quality, but some nuts are the same for everyone.Here are some nuts we love in different locations.