What Cats Like to Play with The Most

When left to their own devices cats will generally find ways to entertain themselves, but what do cats like to play with? Felines are known for their independence which is part of the reason many cat owners love their furry companions. Unlike canines that constantly need to be walked and given of attention, cats don’t mind lounging around the whole day.

In fact, one of the most famous cats, Garfield, is known for his laziness. This however does not mean that cats do not enjoy playing or having toys as a source of entertainment.

Many new cat owners tend to wonder what cats like to play with because they know that staying active is a must for them to be happy and healthy. If you’ve been wondering what toys to use to entertain and entice your cat to, here are some ideas that you will both enjoy.

Mobile Toys: What Cats Like to Play With

As part of their natural predatory instincts, cats love to run, jump, and pounce. Chasing after toys that move is one of the best ways to get cats to stay active while also enjoying their exercise. A toy that moves is also a great way to catch their attention and get them engaged during playtime.

Many cat owners find creative ways to get their cats active by using things that move. Popular playtime tools laser pointers or flashlights.

You can test this out at home easily if you have a small laser that you can flash around the room for your cat to chase. Just be careful to not point the beam directly in their eye as this can be harmful to them.

Another idea is to get a wind-up toy that you can put on the floor for them to run after.

Feather Teasers

Cats are attracted to feathers; this is no secret at all. Since birds are one of their natural preys in the wild, cats find it irresistible when a feather is dangled in front of them and they will usually play with the feathers.

Therefore, one of the most popular types of cat toys is feather wands cat owners use as teasers to entice their feline friends to get into predator mode and try to catch the feather. It is great fun to play with cats this way as it also encourages human and cat bonding time which makes pet and owner relationships stronger.

Places to Hide In

Aside from their love of pouncing and hunting cats are also attracted to dark, enclosed spaces. This makes them feel safe and secure.

Something as simple as a brown paper bag can be a playground for cats and kittens alike. Try it out by crinkling a brown bag and putting it on the floor. Sit back and watch as your kitty has the time of their life inside the bag.

Toys with Noise

Cats have very sensitive hearing. Therefore, toys that make enough noise are very attractive to them. Something as simple as crinkle and crackle paper is enough to catch their attention and ignite their curiosity.

Mobile toys that make sounds are a good choice too. The key to getting them interested is to capture their attention and curiosity. Once you’ve done that the rest is up to them.

Adding Some Catnip

Not all cats are interested in toys, especially adult cats. Kittens are easier to entertain but a lazy adult cat will most likely ignore any new toy you introduce them to.

A good technique to use when you want your cat to pay attention to their toy is to add some catnip. Most cats cannot resist the smell of catnip and then you put some inside a ball they will surely do everything to try to get to that treat.

Cat Activity Play Mats

You’ll find quite a variety of cat activity play mats available. Should you choose not to purchase one, there are plenty of ideas for a diy as well. Check out our in-depth review on at cat activity play mats. Either way, your cat will have hours of fun investigating and exploring it.



What do cats like to play with? Just about anything really. Cats will try playing with a toy but the real struggle is trying to keep their interest going.

Try toys that are versatile and challenging to keep them interested. When all else fails, bring out the catnip and watch them go crazy.

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