Why Does My Cat Bring Me Toys: Understanding Your Cat’s Need for Play

Why does my cat bring me toys? Cats are very playful pets. Once they see you, their beloved owners, they will come and rub their body against yours and may even snuggle with you for a minute or two. However, there will also be times when you might find your cats getting toys and bringing them to you.

 Why does my cat bring me toys?

Cats want to play because it allows them to experience and unfold things. This serves as an outlet for their innate hunting behaviors, particularly during fetching games. They may also play with whatever toy is available, whether it is a small furry plush toy or a ball of string. They identify this toy as prey and play with it in a predatory game of catch or fetch.

Play for Development

Playing is necessary for cats’ development. It stimulates their brains and encourages cognitive and motor development.

Your little fur baby will see the toy, recognize it as prey, and want to play with it. Whatever your cat’s age, running, rolling around, and pouncing up and down will improve its physical health.

Social development is also enhanced by playing. When there are other cats in your house or the play area, your cat may feel obliged to communicate or interact with them. Playing with other cats allows your pet to learn how to socialize and mingle with others of its kind. Meanwhile, playtime with you helps them learn and understand human gestures and behaviors.

Pretending to Be Predators

Cats, although covered with soft and cuddle-seeking fur and cute-sympathizing faces, are killing machines. Predators ready to attack and kill if and when necessary. They are hardwired to seek their prey. Never underestimate cats as hunting is one of their preferred activities and being predators is one of their primary instincts.

Domesticated cats are no different. They may appear sweet and cuddly, but underneath those soft purrs is an innate calling. The are unforgiving predators that walk the surface of the earth and that calling will resurface.

If you are wondering ‘why does my cat bring me toys?’ the answer is because your cat sees the toy as its prey and it satisfies its predator instincts.

Maintain Healthy Weight

Cats have a naturally fast metabolism that functions even when they are lounging around. However, even with this physiologic advantage, cats still need to get their fat bellies moving through physical exercises. You as the pet owner, have the responsibility to keep them engaged in stimulating physical activities to help them steer away from daunting sedentary lifestyles and obesity.

Cats also have a tendency to overeat. This behavior, just like with humans, can result in obesity-related problems such as diabetes and arthritis. You don’t want your furry babies getting sick, right? Well then, playing is one of the easiest ways to help them shed off those unwanted pounds.

Playing, like sports for humans, helps animals maintain a healthy body weight, strengthens and tones their muscles, and stimulates their brains, keeping their minds active and alert.

Bye-bye Boredom

Some humans have a higher threshold for boredom, while others do not. Nonetheless, it is lack of stimuli that causes boredom. The same, if not worse, go for cats because time moves slowly for them.

If you work, your cat is home alone for an extended period of time, usually sleeping. When you get home, though you’re tired, they’re ready for play. Why does my cat bring me toys? Well, their day has just begun when their beloved owner walks through the door.

Playing Is Quality Time

Cats gain confidence and tend to relax when they get to spend quality time with their owners. Their social skills are also being brushed up when they feel your love. What better way to feel loved and cared for but through play? Thus, it is vital for your cat’s well being that you keep the bond between the two of you strong and open through regular playtime.

Toys and Time

It has been well established the importance of play for cats or pets in general.  Hundreds of pet toys are now available in the market. There is no doubt that cats are enticed by them, but not just to relieve boredom. Cats see many of these toys as prey.

Some of the toys that might be worth investing in include: (1) Crinkle balls; there is something about the crinkling sound these make that drive cats crazy in a good way though, (2) Panic mouse; oh how they long to wrestle with its wand, and (3) a feathered wire; its back and forth movement will tease and engage your cat to a game of catch.

The number of cat toys out there may overwhelm you but remember, the best toys are, of course, those that are interactive for better stimulation.

Again, a good ten to fifteen minutes of exercise for several times in a day is a good form of physical activity and stimulation for your cat. You won’t even need to crack a riddle to know when is the best time to play with your cat as it will usually initiate the game by bringing toys to you.

We hope that after reading this article, you wouldn’t have to ask yourself that same bugging question:“why does my cat bring me toys?” The plan, however, is also to get you to understand that like humans, cats have reasons why they act in a certain way and it is your responsibility as their owner to know what they are trying to say.

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