The Best Cat Toys

Felines are famous for being lazy. Most house cats love lounging around and sunbathing; both an advantage and a disadvantage. Their tendency to be lazy and mind their own business means they can be left to their own devices when you’re out of the house.

The downside to their love for lounging is weight gain and loss of  interest in activities and playtime. A cat that does not exercise regularly is not healthy.

Their minds and bodies need to be stimulated for them to live happy and long lives.

Here are some ideas on how and what you can do to entice your cat into active play.

Use Moving Toys

Being natural predators, it is part of their instinct to run, jump, and pounce. Toys that move are fun for both cats and their owners because watching them chase and practice their natural hunting prowess is exciting.

Toys that move provide more exercise and can capture their attention even when they’re not easily interested.

Cat Teasers

These teasers are usually made with a flexible wand and a feather attached at the end. When placed in front of a cat they will naturally grab and try to catch the feather as it reminds them of their natural prey: birds.

This type of toy is also great for cementing the bond between cat and human as playtime always involves both parties to participate.

Hiding Place

Small, dark spaces are very attractive to cats. A brown paper bag is one of the best and cheapest “toys” you can give to your cat for exercise and entertainment. Put a paper bag on the floor and watch them have the time of their life playing with it.

The Secret Weapon

Cats are naturally smart animals. This means they easily get bored with the same toys repeatedly. There are even some adult cats that wouldn’t blink at the sight of a new toy.

If this happens to you break out the catnip and let the fun begin. Putting the catnip inside a small ball is a great way to get and retain the attention of your cat.

This is a neat trick to try on grumpy and lazy cats as catnip is just irresistible to our feline companions.

Keeping Playtime Safe from Cat Bites

As a cat owner, you have probably received your fair share of cat bites. These light and gentle nips are common as a way for your cat to tell you that they love you.

Their playful bites or “love bites” is their way of showing affection and appreciation for their human caretakers but sometimes the bites can get a little painful.

From Playful to Painful

It can be a problem when your cat starts to bite you harder. Cats that tend to turn playful, harmless bites into painful ones are trying to communicate with you. An overstimulated cat will bite harder to tell you that playtime is over.

This agitation can result from too much petting, cuddling, and stroking them. Once they start giving harder than normal bites it is time for you to back off and end your play session.

Avoiding the Bite

A painful bite that draws blood can ruin the relationship between cat and owner. To avoid ever going through this trauma it is your job to know when to back off from your cat before they can bite down.

Here are some warning signs you should take note of to help avoid being bitten by your cat:

  • When the tail of your cat starts to sway back and forth and if their hairs puff up, it is a clear sign that they are agitated and uncomfortable. Once you notice this, move away and give them space as they are preparing to attack.
  • The body language of your cat will change when they feel overstimulated. As soon as they start to squirm or their body becomes tense when you stroke it, playtime is over for them and it should be for you too.
  • The eyes are tricky to notice as cats’ pupils dilate when they are enjoying playtime but when their head turns toward, away, and then back towards you, they are ready to bite. This is a signal for you to stop touching them immediately.

As their owner, it is your job to know when it is time for playtime to end. Be careful and advise other people if your cat likes to bite so they know what to expect.

Also, be firm when telling them “no” while they are kittens so they understand that biting is not accepted.





  3 Way Cat Tunnel Creaker Collapsible Pet Toy Tunnel  $$  4.5/5
  Catit Design Senses Play Circuit  $  4.0/5
  SnugglyCat – The Ripple Rug – Cat Activity Play Mat  $$$  4.4/5
  Etrech 8 Pieces Assorted Feather Cat Toy  $$  4.3/5
  Elipet Electric Rotate Best Interactive Cat Feather Toys  $$$  3.9/5
   NNDA CO 2Pcs Funny Pet Cat Lovely Kitten Gift Interactive Play Toys  $  5/5
   Fashion’s Talk Cat toys Variety Pack for Kitty  $$  4.6/5
   Hartz Just For Cats Kitty Frenzy Cat Toy  $  4.5/5
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   SmartyKat Skitter Critters Catnip Cat Toys  $$  4.6/5

Best Products to Consider

Your feline friends may look content being lazy but that doesn’t mean you have to encourage a sedentary lifestyle. Cats need to stay active to stay healthy and the best way to get them moving is by using the best cat toys you can find. Here are some suggestions you can consider:

3 Way Cat Tunnel Creaker Collapsible Pet Toy Tunnel

Cats are amazing fluffy companions that are not as clingy or as high-maintenance as dogs. Although they are known for their independence sometimes house cats require some toys and trinkets to keep them active both physically and mentally.

Even if they know how to entertain themselves, cats, especially little kittens also deserve a treat occasionally. The right cat toys help them cope with being left inside the house.

This review will focus on the 3 Way Cat Tunnel Creaker Collapsible Pet Toy Tunnel. Here you will learn all about this cat toy’s pros, cons, and its many features that you and your cat will both appreciate.


  • T-shaped, spacious tunnel
  • Includes a built-in crinkle, cracker paper
  • Comes with attached ball toy
  • Perfect for self-entertaining and exercise
  • Uses premium and durable materials
  • Tear-resistant and ultra-strong wrapping made with polyester
  • Protective ends on sprung-steel frame
  • Withstands crazy scratching
  • Easy to store
  • Portable and collapsible
  • 1-foot long 10-inch tall tubes
  • Travel-friendly
  • Interactive fun time for cats
  • Helpful customer service representatives


  • Well-loved by cats
  • Perfect hiding and playing spot
  • Cat lover approved
  • Fun and entertaining way for cats to exercise
  • Does not bore cats
  • Built-in toys add more fun
  • Very affordable
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Perfect for traveling
  • Stores and folds down easily


  • Does not have the same effect on all cats
  • Best only for kittens
  • Soft ball falls off easily
  • Frame wires can pop
  • Can be harmful to kittens with exposed sharp wires


The 3 Way Cat Tunnel Creaker Collapsible Pet Toy Tunnel is an affordable cat toy that your cats will obsess over. It will make a wonderful addition to your home that will keep your cats happy, active, and entertained.

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Catit Design Senses Play Circuit

Holding the attention of a cat is a challenge especially when you want them to spend time playing with their toys. The truth is cats are sometimes too smart to continue playing with a toy that does not challenge them.

When left on their own cats would prefer to venture out and explore the outside world. This isn’t very safe especially for house cats that have never spent time outside the comfort of their home.

The best compromise for cats to stay safe yet feel active is to give them a toy like the Catit Design Senses Play Circuit. This review will give you a look inside what a toy like this offers you and your cat.


  • Pampers and massages
  • Container for catnip
  • Offers endless entertainment
  • Targets all cat’s senses
  • Challenging and fun toy
  • Includes a smart feeding tool
  • Side cut-outs allow cats to move food through maze
  • Entertains, entices, and engages
  • Full set includes: Catit Senses Scratch Pad, Catit Senses Grass Garden, Catit Senses Speed Circuit


  • Quickly grabs the attention of cats
  • Easy to put together
  • Loved by cats and kittens
  • Encourages self-play
  • Challenging and captivating
  • Allows different and new setup for varied play
  • Worth every penny
  • Lightweight, but durable
  • Keeps cat interest longer
  • Allows for addition and expansion for more fun and challenges
  • Keeps mind and body occupied


  • Does not appeal to all cats
  • Best for kittens only
  • Flashing ball is just glow in the dark
  • Does not produce light to attract attention


When it comes to endless fun and upgrades the Catit Design Senses Play Circuit is a great cat toy option. You can continue expanding the set to keep your cats interested in the toy for longer periods of time.

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SnugglyCat – The Ripple Rug – Cat Activity Play Mat

Cats are pets that would rather lazily lounge inside the house instead of engaging in active play. If they had a choice in the matter cats are they type of pets who prefer to be left alone until they are in the mood to play with their owners.

Since you cannot bring your cats outside for a walk it is a challenge to keep them moving. The best way to keep your cats active and engaged is to look into the best cat toys that challenge them both mentally and physically.

One such toy is the SnugglyCat – The Ripple Rug – Cat Activity Play Mat. Learn more about its different features, the pros, and the cons that come with choosing this toy for your cat.


  • Multi-functional toy
  • Perfect behavioral training tool
  • Encourages interactive play
  • Can be used as a scratching post, stretching area, grooming place, for pouncing and napping
  • Tunnels and ripples make great hiding spots
  • Develops hunting and stalking skills
  • Infinite configurations
  • Larger than most cat mats
  • Non-slip rubber allows for cool temperature all year
  • Made using 100% recycled plastic bottles
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic


  • Challenges and entertains cats
  • New and exciting with endless configurations
  • Easy to set up
  • Multi-use: resting, sleeping, and playing area
  • Intellectually challenging
  • Kitten and adult cat-friendly
  • Allows hunting and pouncing practice
  • Safe to use, non-toxic
  • Perfect and comfortable hiding space
  • Made with recycled materials
  • Mold, mildew, and stain-resistant
  • Easy to clean


  • More expensive
  • Does not hold its shape
  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Does not work for all cats
  • Best for kittens, not adults


The SnugglyCat – The Ripple Rug – Cat Activity Play Mat is perfect for cats and kittens to keep them occupied. You too will enjoy watching them play inside the cat mat because of all the fun they will have inside.

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Etrech 8 Pieces Assorted Feather Cat Toy

Although cats require less fuss than dogs they are harder to train. Due to their independent nature cats do not listen to their owners and instead do their own things. The result is a cat that runs wild and freely inside the house which can be frustrating for an owner.

The best way to deal with a cat that has a lot of extra energy is to give them a healthy outlet like an interactive and engaging cat toy that allows them to stay active.

The cat toy like the Etrech 8 Pieces Assorted Feather Cat Toy keeps kittens and cats preoccupied while at the same time allowing them to use their energy.

Here is a short review on this product to give you some idea of what you can look forward to when you purchase it for you cat.


  • Allows for controlled playtime
  • Encourage a healthy and safe outlet for hunting practice
  • Non-toxic and safe
  • Interactive cat toy
  • Supervise playtime
  • Entices even lazy cats for play
  • 37-inch flexible and extendable wand
  • 8 safe, soft, and colorful polycarbonate feathers
  • Lightweight and fun


  • Captures and holds kitten and cat attention
  • Allows for longer play time
  • Does not bore cats
  • Enjoyed by kittens and adult cats alike
  • Cements bond between cat and human owner
  • Fun for owners to watch their cats play
  • Allows hunting practice in a safe place
  • Adjustable wand length for varied exercise
  • Reliable, durable, and budget-friendly


  • Easily gets damaged
  • Wand does not last long
  • Owners end up spending a lot on a new wand all the time
  • Wand can snap
  • Does not encourage independent play
  • May not hold the attention of cat for an extended period


The Etrech 8 Pieces Assorted Feather Cat Toy is a fun and affordable cat toy that you and your cat will love and enjoy. This toy will certainly bring you closer to each other as playtime is always a bonding experience.

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Elipet Electric Rotate Best Interactive Cat Feather Toys

There is something about watching cats run, jump, and pounce that makes their human owners very happy. Finding a cat toy that can hold their attention for an extended period is nothing short of a miracle.

Cats are famous for their intelligence and independence which is why it makes sense for them to quickly get bored and move on from their toys. Being a loving cat owner means you are constantly looking for ways to encourage active playtime for your kitties.

The Elipet Electric Rotate Best Interactive Cat Feather Toys is a great choice for cat toys. Learn more about this amazing, fun, and cat favorite interactive cat toy here.


  • Interactive toy
  • Comes with removable feather teaser
  • 2 AAA batteries required (not included)
  • Can be used on machine for independent cat play or by owner
  • Fitted with cat plate and blue ball perfect for snacks and catnip
  • Perfect for kittens
  • Best when used on flat surfaces
  • Easy to clean
  • Attracts and hold attention of cats
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Great toy for exercise and active play
  • Develops kitten mental and physical abilities
  • Emotional and behavioral training tool
  • Product size: Diameter = 17cm or 6.7 inches, Height = 18cm or 8 inches


  • Loved by cats and owners alike
  • Attracts cat’s attention easily
  • Automatic timer ensures enough time for play
  • Rotating mechanism entertains cats
  • Owners can use wand themselves to bond during play time
  • Random movements make playtime more interesting
  • Does not easily bore cats
  • Adding treats and catnip enhances enjoyment
  • Encourages cats to stay active
  • Great toy for exercise
  • Helps kittens practice their natural hunting instincts


  • Cat feather teaser breaks easily
  • No replacement for teaser available
  • Can be dangerous when feather teaser breaks
  • Does not attract all cats, especially adult cats
  • Works mostly on just kittens


The Elipet Electric Rotate Best Interactive Cat Feather Toys is an amazing cat toy that cats and owners love. Cats enjoy playing with the rotating feather teaser while owners enjoy watching them play.

It is a cute toy that encourages interactive and independent play, your home will never be the same with this toy always entertaining your kitties.

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It is hard to get cats interested in toys, especially adults. The best way to ensure your cats get used to active, interactive, and independent play is to start training them while they are still kittens.

By introducing them to the best cat toys while they are still young they will get used to having these trinkets as part of their daily routine and will most likely engage in a more active lifestyle.